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I had the advantage of being involved in product launches for Hindustan Lever, right from briefing to conceptualization and final execution. I got first-hand experience in fabrication, event unveiling sequences, launch films, and other segments of the launch.

This also gave me an opportunity to interact with suppliers and to negotiate costs. I got a chance to be a part of film production, set fabrication, coordination with local & international event teams, photography & videography, and photo selection for PR media. This was a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

2007 Nov 11-Toyota Land Cruiser

2012 Feb 28 Lexus GS

2015 Feb 08-Lexus NX

2015 Land Cruiser

2015 Toyota Hilux

2016 Mar 13-Toyota Fortuner

2017 Aug 16-KIA Rio Press Meet

2017 Oct 16-Toyota Prado

2018 Jan 30-Toyota Camry

2018 Mar 08-Toyota Yaris

2018 Nov 20-Lexus LS350