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1975. Mission Mumbai!

Securing 1st rank in Jalgaon district and 5th across Maharashtra, in SSC-11 Std. Board Exams was huge achievement that thrilled all my relatives and teachers.

While our friends opted for Electrical Engineering course, Bapu and I had already made up our minds to join Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai, to pursue a career in arts and applied for the same.

After few weeks, Bapu got the call letter from JJ for admission. I anxiously waited, with no outcome. Bapu’s father consoled me and convinced to visit Mumbai along with them.

The main hurdle about going to Mumbai was lack of financial resources for the 5-year course and for living expenses. None of my relatives could help me since they were financially not too sound.

But my determination to study in JJ inspired me to bicycle my way to Paldhi to meet Baba. I explained him the situation. He too wasn’t sure if he could handle all the expenses for 5 long years. I requested him for initial support for my travel and that I would find work and manage on my own.

With great difficulty he borrowed Rs.250 from some known person and handed over. This reignited my spirit and I got ready to get on with my Mission Mumbai.

Milestone Moment:
Had Baba not helped me on that day, wonder where the journey would have been…

Entrance to Paldhi Town

Paldhi Home