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1989. Axis- Adventure to Divert

It was almost 10 years at Lintas and I had gained the most enriching experiences in every sphere of advertising. However, income was not sufficient.

In 1989, I took an adventurous decision to join Axis – a small set up but with almost twice the remuneration.

It was challenging and fun to work for entirely diverse range of clients.
SM Foods wanted to launch a Protein Snack Food named ‘Peppy’ for children.
In the brainstorming session with Mr. Anando Barua (Head of the agency), Uday Bhandarkar (Film Production) and Frances Cletus (Copy head) a concept called ‘Snack of the Superman’ emerged.

The whole gamut of communication was based on that, right from packaging, teaser ads, press campaigns, outdoor advertising, merchandising, etc. A popular stunt man from Bollywood was used as a mascot and this added more value to the brand. The Lintas experience played a major role in the entire process.

The brand was hugely successful and exists in the market even today.

The stint at Axis was short. Apart from most successful Peppy Campaign, I was able to create effective communication for Git’s Papad, Git’s Masala, Sapna Carpets & more.

However, the need to get back to the largest creative domain in India was overwhelming and I returned to Lintas.

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