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1993. Leap across the ocean…Mumbai to Muscat

Destiny has its way to take where you belong.

One day I came across an Overseas Vacancy ad with the message – ‘The team from Lintas, Sista’s, Ogilvy and Hindustan-Thompson under one roof’ and it grabbed my attention.

When I enquired about this, I realised that Pravin Bhargava – our ex-colleague from Lintas heading an in-house ad department of Bahwan Automotive Centre, Muscat.

I was already struggling to keep up with financial commitments, including a home loan. This seemed to be the right opportunity. However, my biggest concerns were about my 5-year-old son and an expected child, apart from my aging mother.

My wife was not averse to this decision and she seemed confident enough to handle the situation here at home.

After a great interview at Mumbai with the Muscat agency seniors, I awaited a formal offer which arrived within few days. The offer included an attractive salary, fully furnished apartment, car, medical allowance, children’s educational allowance, annual bonus, and 1 month’s paid leave with airfare.

On 10th March 1993, with a heavy heart and tearful eyes, I left for Muscat.

Lintas Farewell-Pranesh Mishra

1993 Bahwan Automotive Centre

BAC-Denting Section

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