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2005. Corporate Branding-SBG Logo

In 2005, Suhail & Said Bahwan parted their 30-year long business association. Bahwan Automotive Centre was renamed as Saud Bahwan Group.

This triggered the transformation. The Group established a magnificent new Corporate Centre and Landmark Toyota Showroom.

First task was to create a new symbol & logo for Saud Bahwan Group.
Apart from the in-house creative team, associated local ad agencies-United Media, Asha Advertising, National Publishing, OHI, Oman Advertising were given this task.
Additionally, agencies from USA, UK and India were invited to present their concepts.

Brand Development Programme.
It was amazing to learn the ways of conceptualization and presentations from International agencies. Meticulous analysis of the company, history and its culture within, employee perspective and customer focus helped arrive at the key visual assets. At the end, the most iconic Dhow symbol for SBG, created by Ramesh Muley from Mumbai, was the winner.

As the same time, Corporate Brochure project was in progress. Mr. Deshpande of Lemon Advertising from Mumbai was commissioned to handle the project.
It was great to work as a project co-ordinator (creative) with Mr. Deshpande and his team. Their ways of thinking, conceptualisation style and approach to the execution process, were quite impressive.

Saud Bahwan Group Logo