Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected

Brand Jingle for Toyota by Salah Zadjali.

Toyota in Oman is a household name. Every second car in Oman is a Toyota. In fact, once a Toyota user, always a Toyota user.

It was the Saud Bahwan Group that made Toyota No.1 car brand in Oman. In fact, there was a popular term ‘Toyota Oubess’ amongst Omanis, meaning ‘There is nothing after Toyota’.

The need was felt to create a radio jingle for Toyota, capitalizing on its popularity and trust. Since every car had an audio system, it was a preferred source of entertainment while commuting.

We approached Salah Zadjali, a star singer in Oman.

Along with colleague Ashok Prasad, called Salah for a briefing session. In our first interaction itself, Salah was humble and showed lot of interest, as this was his first ever radio commercial.

After few days, he came with a scratch audio. With further fine tunings, the final jingle was aired. It soon became the talk of the town. The words and the music captured the essence of the brand and also the minds of the customers in Oman.