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Summer Job at Clarion Advertising - Opening of an Avenue to Career Path

It was beginning of the 4th year (Advanced Class) and suddenly there was a strike declared in protest of some policies of the State Government.

Bapu and I had just returned from hometown after a vacation. We wondered if we could return since it was uncertain how long the strike would continue.

We were in the process of applying for Railway concession form, when Sathey Sir suggested that we pick up some assignment at an ad agency. He added that he knew an Art Director, Mr. Ashley Patrick, at Clarion Advertising.

In 1978, Clarion was amongst the top ad agencies in India. Mr. Patrick himself came to the reception area and took us to the meeting room. We were awestruck by seeing an ad agency for the first time ever.

At the end of the meeting, to our greatest delight, Mr. Patrick offered us a job as summer trainees for 3 months with a moderate stipend. We never expected this dynamic turn in our life.

Next 3 months were filled with amazing experiences, right from concept development to the final execution of ads. In the process we were enlightened to see the illustrations of Gopi Kukde for Asian Paints and the ever enthusiastic Sr. Art Director Mr. Bhavsar. We got first-hand experience of presentations being made to the clients. We were thrilled at working with the Spray-artists, Cut-paste artists, and photographers. We realised the way artworks were made and understood the process of releasing an ad in various media.

Thereafter, for the next 2 years, we were fully engrossed in our studies, keeping our eyes on the dazzling world of advertising.

Milestone Moment:
An opportunity, which changed our perception & perspective towards career ahead.