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First Recognition at State-Level

State Art Competition: Award of Appreciation for ‘Eye Donation’ Poster.

Being in JJ was a whole new experience.

Impressive Campus, Iconic Architecture, Lady Statue at the Entrance, Vast Corridors and Classrooms with large Benches, Professors and the mix of Inter-state students. Since we had arrived from a small town, we were targeted by some for our accent & appearance. But soon we managed to impress everyone with our work.

In those early days, the support and encouragement received from Yende Sir, Acharekar Sir, Karande Madam, Salvi Sir, Ranjan Joshi, Sadekar Madam is unforgettable. The syllabus, teaching methods, assignments, monsoon picnic to Kanheri Caves, Student Elections, Annual Day, Study Tour to Nainital, Kulu-Manali…it was a beginning of a whole new life…

The motivation from Yende & Acharekar Sir to participate in State Art Competition won me appreciation award for the poster created on ‘Eye Donation’. First ever recognition at state level was truly inspiring, which motivated my competitive spirit and ignited a winning habit in the years to come.

The Winning Entry