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Lintas India - Entry into the World of Advertising

One fine day, I received a message from Sathey Sir to see him. On meeting, he informed about an opening at Lintas.

Though, the going was good at DaCunha, I could not resist the opportunity of getting into the No.1 Advertising agency in India those days. So, I fixed up an appointment to meet Mr. Madhu Gadkari.

Mr. Madhu Gadkari was a very simple person and he welcomed me with a broad smile. It was friendly, but focussed interview and to my astonishment, I got the job at Lintas.

During induction, I met Patilsaab. The bond formed at our first meeting continues even today.

Lintas was like enrolling again in an Institution. Had the opportunity to navigate every aspect of Advertising Processes, Campaign Planning, Brand Building and so on. Was fortunate to handle key Hindustan Lever brands under the guidance of AdGuru Alyque Padamsee, Usha Bhandarkar etc…

While JJ laid a strong foundation, Lintas made me ready for the challenges in life ahead.

Express Towers 15th floor LINTAS

Lintas Family